Lab Members

Senior Post-docs

Yael Costa

Yael is interested in the Nanog mediated mechanisms of induced pluripotency. She has been a lab member since October 2009 and is funded by her BBSRC grant. To see Yael's publications click here.


Lawrence Bates

Lawrence is studying the mechanisms of action of transcription factors in reprogramming. He joined the Silva lab as an MRC funded PhD student in October 2014 and then continued his work as a post-doc from October 2018. To see Lawrence's publications click ​here.

Research Assistants

Imogen Stockwell


Imogen is studying programing of stem cells into defined cell types. She joined the Silva lab in July 2019 and is funded by the MRC.

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Former Lab Members


Chibeza Agley

Chibeza was a member of both the Silva and the Chalut labs between October 2013 and June 2017. In July 2017 he started full time in the company he had previously founded, CamBioScience. To see Chibeza's publications click here.

Research Assistants

Daniel Yamamoto

Daniel was a Research Assistant working with Jose between October 2019 and June 2020.

Charlotte Handford


Charlotte was a Research Assistant working with Yael between October 2014 and September 2017. After three years she joined the lab of Prof Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz to undertake her PhD studies. To see Charlotte's publications click here.



TY was a Research Assistant working with Yael and Hannah between July and December 2014.

PhD Students

Sergey Gladkov

Sergey was a Darwin Trust of Edinburgh funded PhD student from October 2015 to September 2019.

Elsa Sousa


Elsa was a PhD student enrolled in the Graduate Program in the Areas of Basic and Applied Biology (GABBA) from the University of Porto between 2013-2018 and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal.​ In 2019 she became a Research Scientist at Charles River in Cambridgeshire. To see Elsa's publications click here.

Hannah Stuart


Hannah was a MRC funded PhD student in the Silva Lab between 2012-2018. She then moved to Professor Elly Tanaka's at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna and Professor Nicola Elvassore at University College London for an interdisciplinary Post-Doctoral position in March 2019. To see Hannah's publications click ​here.

Katie Tremble


Katie was a Clinical School funded PhD student between 2014-2017. After her PhD Katie went back to Medical School to complete her medical degree. To see Katies's publications click here.

Aliaksandra Radzisheuskaya​

​Alex was a PhD student funded by the Darwin Trust of Edinburgh between 2010-2013. She then did a short post-doc in the Silva lab, whilst funded by an Isaac Newton Trust fellowship. From October 2014 she moved to Professor Kristian Helin's laboratory, now at the Sloan Kettering Institute (US), as a Post-Doctoral fellow (Alex was awarded the prestigious EMBO and Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellowships). To see Alex's publications click here.


Moyra Lawrence​​​


Moyra was a PhD student from the Wellcome Trust - Stem Cell PhD Programme between 2011-2014. She moved to Dr Robert Schneider's laboratory in Strasbourg as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in November 2014. To see Moyra's publications click ​​here.



Rodrigo Santos


Rodrigo was a PhD student enrolled in the PhD program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine (PDBEB) from the University of Coimbra between 2011-2014 and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal.​ In 2014 Rodrigo started a career in Industry and is currently the Director of Research at Mogrify. To see Rodrigo's publications click ​here.



​Anouk van Oosten


Anouk was a BBSRC funded PhD student in the Silva Lab between 2009-2012. Her PhD degree was awarded in 2012. She has then moved back to the Netherlands  as a Clinical Research Associate. To see Anouk's publications click here.

Thorold Theunissen

​​Thor was a PhD student from the Wellcome Trust - Stem Cell PhD Programme between 2008-2011. His PhD degree was awarded in 2011. In 2012 he moved to the MIT to do a post-doc in the Professor Rudolf Jaenisch laboratory, Whitehead Institute, MIT, USA, being awarded a prestigious Sir Henry Wellcome Post-doctoral Fellowship. To see Thor's publications click here. Thor has now his own laboratory at Washington University, US.

Ornella Barrandon


Ornella was a PhD student in the Silva Lab, co-supervised with Professor Austin Smith, between 2007-2011. Her PhD degree was awarded in 2011. From 2011 she moved to Professor Douglas Melton laboratory, Harvard, USA to continue her academic career as a post-doc.

Master's Students

Tim Lohoff


Tim was an Erasmus funded Master's student in the Silva lab between March and August 2016. His Master's degree was awarded in October 2016 and he then joined the Wellcome Trust - Stem Cell PhD Programme from September 2016. To see Tim's publications click ​here.

Mariana Alves


Mariana was an Erasmus funded Master's student in the Silva lab from June 2016 to July 2017. She passed her viva in July and then joined Dr. Justin Crocker's lab at the EMBL in Heidelberg as a PhD student in August 2017. To see Mariana's publications click ​here.



​Stem Cell - Wellcome Trust PhD Rotation Students



Andrew Malcom           October-December 2017              Scottish

Sarah Förster                April-June 2014                        German

Loukia Yiangou             January-March 2014                   Cypriot

Anna Osnato                October-December 2013              Italian

Elena Itskovich             January-March 2013                   Israeli

Moritz Matthey            October-December 2012              German

Anzy Miller                   April-June 2012                         English

Vicki Moignard             April-June 2011                         English

Moyra Lawrence           January-March 2011                    Irish

Ana Leal                      October-December 2010              Mexican

Robert Fordham          October-December 2009              English

Thorold Theunissen      April-June 2008                         Dutch


Undergraduate Students

Xiner He                     July-August 2019                      Chinese

Adam Boxall                January-March 2019                  English

Imogen Stockwell         June-July 2018                         Australian

Anastasiya Malyshava    May-July 2018                         Belarusian

Bryce Lim                   January-March 2018                  Singaporean

Carolyn Rodgers           January-March 2017                  English

Katsiaryna Maskalenka   June-July 2016                        Belarusian

Aran Shaunak              June-July 2015                         English

Joachim Hanna             January-March 2016                 Swiss

Petros Fessas              January-March 2016                  Greek 

Rebecca Lloyd              January-March 2015                  English
Alicia Caunter              January-March 2015                  English

Saeed Kayhanian          July-August 2014                     Welsh

Mariana Alves              July-August 2014                     Portuguese

Jia Yi Fong                  January-March 2014                  Singaporean

James Patterson           January-March 2013                  English

Hannah Stuart             January-March 2012                  English



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