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Our lab is interested in developing new model systems that can mimic early embryonic development in vitro. We believe these will be a great tool to study developmental biology and to capture cell types of interest for applications in medicine.

Starting from new and better founder cells our ultimate goal is to be able to recreate in vitro any given cell type of the embryo and of the adult animal. 

Situated in the Bioisland and  surrounded by the mighty Zhujiang river the Guangzhou Laboratory boasts state of the art research facilities and a vibrant multidisciplinary research environment.

Do you want to join our Lab and have the opportunity to live in amazing Guangzhou?

The Silva Lab has positions available and welcomes speculative applications from hard-working and motivated candidates with a genuine interest in fundamental biology. The lab is generously funded and offers very competitive salaries. Please address enquiries (include a CV) to jose_silva[at]  or josesilvalab[at]

Mariana Alves, former summer student in the Silva lab  (click picture to zoom).

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